Choose from these various styles of LED lighting for your RV interior...
» Wafer Type LED
(SC2-Wafer) 12v LED wafer top with centered connector.


» Bayonet Style LED
(SC1 light) 12v Bayonet style LED lamp. Halogen 921 replacement


» T18 Tube - Fluorescent Replacement
(T18 Tube) T18 LED 12v tube. Use with or without ballast.


» G4 "Puck" Style LED Light-Pin Base
(G4-Puck Light) G4 LED "Puck" light. 12v, Dimable.


Puck Light
» T36 Tube - Fluorescent Replacement
(T36 LED Tube) T36 LED 12v tube. Use with or without ballast


» Entry Stair LED light-Festoon-FS1 & 2
(Dome-like light) Dome-like LED lamp, 12v. For stair lighting and car dome lights. 2 Types. See Details.


» MW-1 Style LED - Microwave Light
(MW-1 LED) MW-1 LED Microwave E14-E17 base. 120v, with dual adapter base.


» BA-15s Mini-Spot LED Light
(BAi5s-Mini Spot) BA-15s Base - 12v Cool White Frosted Spotlight


» MS-02 NW Mini-Spot LED Light
(MS-02 LED) 4000 Kelvin
450 Lumen-12v
BA-15S Base


» T5 Style LED Tube - 12"
(T5 Tube) T-5, 12" LED Tube. Fluorescent Tube Replacement


(T5 LED Light)
» NEW!! 12v LED Camp Light Kit

Light Kit


(T5 LED Light)



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