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LED RV Lighting Company

We are an Internet based lighting company who specializes in LED lighting for RV's. We carry popular styles of LED replacement lights in several Kelvin temperature ranges.The Kelvin temperature (K) determines the type of light an LED will emit. Here are some examples:

• 3500 Kelvin...A less bright light, usually with a slightly yellow tone.Also known as Warm White
• 4500 Kelvin...A middle-of-the-road brightness with a meduim white light. A popular Kelvin temperature. Also known as Natural White.
• 6500 Kelvin...A very bright white light, great for areas you need more light in. Also known as Cool White

We strive to have the most reliable LED lighting at the least expensive prices. Our LED's are guaranteed for one (1) year. We randomly test all our LED lights that we send out to ensure years of carefree service.

If you get a bad LED light from us, just call or e-mail us so we can troubleshoot the problem. Many times LED lights are polarity sensitive and to correct the issue you just have to take the light out, turn it 180 degrees and plug it back in.

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